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Design & FEM
Finite Elemets Method

FEM analysis

Mavet offers its customers a completely digitised CAE/CAD process that allows performing FEM (Finite Element Method) tests, which are very important for optimising the structure of the helmet.

Finite Elemets Method

Style & Design

Mavet designs and produces technologically innovative helmets for leading companies.

Mavet has a style and design department equipped with the latest hardware and software tools.

Mavet can create a helmet starting from the client's guidelines and develop design and graphic proposals. 


A digital representation of the helmet, the so-called "mathematics", offers the possibility of reproducing every part of the helmet using the rapid prototyping method.
The resulting prototype allows for functional and aesthetic evaluations (including fit and wind tunnel tests) without the time and expense of making moulds.
Any changes can then be implemented sooner, faster and more economically.


The mechanical design takes into account the need for any changes that may emerge from previous tests and precisely defines the dimensions to be used for making the moulds.
Based on the mechanical design of the helmet, we proceed to designing and producing the moulds.

Style & Design Steps
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